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Wedding Beauty Services.

Firstly, congratulations, you're getting married! How exciting!

Vitorino Beauty loves being a part of the bride's complete beauty experience.

From engagement photos to the trial to the wedding day, we understand the importance of this special day and that is why

we want the atmosphere to be filled with love and excitement as we prepare the bride-to-be’s hair and makeup.


Our beauty team is dedicated to create bridal looks that are both stunning in person and gorgeous in photographs.

With our special techniques, we are confident that your hair and makeup will endure from the first look to your honeymoon send-off.

We will work alongside you to create a glamorous naturally enhancing look, so when you're admiring your wedding albums,

you only see your most beautiful self. 

We offer mobile services in the comfort of your location, wether it's your home, hotel or destination wedding -

you can sit comfortably while we deliver the best of beauty to you.

Please note that travel fees apply to all mobile services.


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